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Penny Blue XO Single Estate Mauritian Rum is distilled from the molasses of our home-grown sugar canes, carefully matured in oak and bottled at the Medine Estate on the tropical Island of Mauritius.

A true expression of our terroir, Penny Blue can proudly claim to be an authentic Single Estate Mauritian Rum.

Our story

About the name

In 1847 Sir William Gomm was made Governor of Mauritius. His first task was to improve the Mauritian Postal system and enable Mauritius to have its own locally produced stamps.

The Governor commissioned a local engraver named Barnard to produce 500 one penny and 500 two pence postage stamps (the famous Penny Blue).

Coincidently, at that time, Lady Gomm was hosting a fancy dress ball and wanted to use the new stamps to send the invitation cards.

An iconic symbol of Mauritius is born

Honoured by his task, the engraver rushed to his work shop but forgot the wording for the left side of the stamp. He went to ask the postmaster but as he came to the building, he read “Post Office" on the shop front. Believing these were the right words for the stamp, he dashed back to his workshop to finish the design.

Just before sending the cards, the mistake was spotted. But as Lady Gomm was eager to send the invitations there was no time to re-engrave the plate with the usual “Post Paid" inscription.

From the 500 Penny Blues produced, only 12 are believed to be in existence today. In 1993, at an auction, a Penny Blue Stamp was sold for $1.4 million dollars. That makes it one of the world's most expensive stamps and one of Mauritius most iconic symbols...

Source: The Stamps of Mauritius by Christian Le Comte

The distillery

Located on the West of Mauritius, nestled between the mountains and the azure sea, Medine distillery has been producing rum since 1926, making it the oldest working distillery in Mauritius.

The distillery is at the heart of our sugar estate where, once a year, our juicy sugar canes are harvested to produce our precious molasses. It is from these that Penny Blue rum is distilled.

And because it’s also bottled here, Penny Blue can proudly claim to be authentic Mauritian Single Estate rum. Each bottle is hand-dipped with our distinctive wax seal on the estate.

The Rum Makers

Doug McIvor from Berry Bros. & Rudd, the world’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, and Jean Francois Koenig, Master Distiller from Medine Distillery, combine their expertise to select each of the individual casks when at the very peak of their maturity.

They taste their way through samples to identify exceptional casks before combining them to produce the best possible results in terms of aroma, flavour and finish.

Our Rum

XO Single Estate Mauritian Rum

Created in small batches, each one with its own personality, Penny Blue rum is matured on the estate and is, by definition, rare and finite.

Every batch is unique although there is continuity in overall style to retain the rich, smooth, fruity complexity that makes this single estate Rum a real expression of its Mauritian terroir.

The Penny Blue Mauritian Rum Collection is not only popular with connoisseurs but is also recognized by the spirits industry as the very best in class. Most lately Penny Blue has been awarded Gold in the Spirits Business (2014 and 2015), awarded "Outstanding" with 5 stars by Difford's Guide and awarded Gold in the World Rum Awards 2015.

Awards for Penny Blue Rum

Award for the Penny Blue Rum
Award for the Penny Blue Rum
Award for the Penny Blue Rum
Award for the Penny Blue Rum

Penny Blue Single Cask

Tasting notes

Deep amber
Deep and inviting with tropical fruit, vanilla, toffee and sandalwood. Complex with zesty citrus.
Luxuriant and creamy textured with vanilla, spice and balanced oak tannins.
  • Only 198 bottles released in the UK and Mauritius
  • Matured in ex Whisky casks
  • It is Vintage 2006, thus 9 years old

Penny Blue XO #004

Tasting notes

Amber with golden highlights
Tropical fruits, hints of eucalyptus and wood spice, Citrus and vanilla
Nicely textured and succulent with some balancing wood spice dryness to the finish
  • Limited release of 10,000 bottles for sale internationally excl. the USA
  • Matured in ex-Whisky casks (66%) and ex-Bourbon casks (34%)
  • The oldest rum in this blend is vintage 2003, thus 11 years old
  • Awarded Gold Medal – Rum Masters 2015, The Spirits Business

Penny Blue XO #003

Tasting notes

Amber with golden highlights
Deep orange citrus notes over a carpet of oak spice with outcrops of honey, treacle toffee and menthol.
Beautifully integrated with a graceful honeyed texture. Citrus fruitiness weaves a path through soft vanilla.
  • Limited release of 5000 bottles at Mauritius exclusively
  • 18 casks used - ex-Whisky (17%), ex-Bourbon (28%) and ex-Cognac casks (55%)
  • The vintages are from 2003 and 2009, thus the oldest is 10 years old and the youngest 4 years old

Penny Blue XO #002

Tasting notes

Deep amber with golden highlights.
Tropical fruits with hints of eucalyptus, orange marmalade and rich oriental spices.
Round and balanced, soft with creamy oak, rich orange peel and crème caramel.
  • 7000 bottles worldwide
  • 22 casks used – ex-Whisky (30%), ex-Cognac (30%) and ex-Bourbon casks (30%)
  • We have added 10% of the award winning batch #1 into batch #2
  • The oldest rum in this batch is 11 years old
  • Rated 5+/5 and 'outstanding' by diffordsguide 2014 - read the review
  • Awarded Gold Medal – in World Rum Awards 2015 - read the review

Penny Blue XO #001

Tasting notes

Deep amber with golden highlights.
Soft citrus, delicate wood tannins, tropical fruits, orange blossom, rich espresso coffee notes, salted ham with cloves and honey glaze…
Beautifully balanced, smooth and complex with citrus, tropical fruits, nutty aromas with hints of vanilla.
  • Only 5900 bottles worldwide
  • 14 casks hand selected – 10 Whisky casks (from our 2003 and 2009 vintages) & 4 Cognac casks (from our 2008 vintage)
  • The oldest rum in this batch is 10 years old and the youngest is 4 years old
  • Awarded Gold Medal – Rum Masters 2014, The Spirits Business

Facts for the collector

  • A single estate Mauritian rum
  • Non-chillfiltered, natural in colour and no sugar has been added
  • Distilled, aged and bottled at the Medine Estate in Mauritius
  • Each batch is limited, rare and therefore collectable
  • Aged in a combination of ex Whisky, Cognac and Bourbon casks

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Penny Blue Rum is produced by Medine Distillery Co. Ltd

Bottled by Medine Rum Ltd, Bambous, Republic of Mauritius


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